About Us

Jesse L. Watson, MA, CCSOT, QMHP is the founder and CEO of Professional Therapeutic Community Network, Inc which began in 1998. PTCN is licensed by DHS-Child Welfare as a Foster Care Agency and has child & adolescent foster care treatment programs for youth. PTCN holds a license as Mental Health provider through Addictions & Mental Health and provides child, adolescent, & adult out-patient assessment & treatment Services. PTCN is also licensed by Seniors/Persons with Disabilities to provide 24 hr. staffed treatment homes for intellectually and developmentally disabled adolescents and adults.

PTCN is based out of Salem, OR with an out-patient office in Beaverton, OR that supports out-patient services and our Therapeutic Foster Care Program.

PTCN has 6 residential treatment facilities. Two of the facilities are for youth and 4 are for adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities. The residential programs are all based in the Salem area.